Food Safety


 We are having more concerned attitudes and responsibilities towards the end consumers’ good health through food safety so we give our priority to cater products which are with a reliable food safety. Followed by that our seafood have been considered to be very safe to eat both absolutely. Every time at the processing establishments measures are taken to control the severity of risk from deferent cases such as high level of Histamine {Histamine is Controlled at the lowest level of ppm (Parts per million)},




JAM SEAFOODS is committed to supply, hygienically processed safer, quality and legal seafood products to the markets around the world. We adopt the latest and complete traceability in producing our products with dedicated, motivated, food quality and safety concerned team of employees.


We continually upgrade our food safety, quality and legal practices using the latest communication and information technologies with attainable to a complete traceability from the end product up to the vessel and we further continually refresh the knowledge of our team with acquired fresh knowledge. We respect local food safety, quality and legislations and the legislations of international bodies of respective countries.

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