Moon Calendar 2022

For centuries, mankind has been fishing to the cycles of the moon and using moon phase fishing to predict larger catches. By analyzing the moon’s proximity to the earth, it is believed that the moons gravitational pull can yield great effects on ocean tides resulting in a more meaningful and efficient catch. When fishing by moon phase, activity is set around both moonrise and sunset to better predict species feeding times. During a full or new moon, water levels will rise to their peak creating Spring Tides for optimal fishing.

Following a full or new moon, harvesters and markets are met with an abundance of fish allowing prices to be at their lowest and most affordable at top quality. Like many ideals in nature, moon cycle fishing is not a definite science and can vary from species to species. When planning your moon cycle fishing always consider weather conditions and seasons to prepare for the best fishing times available. Using the chart below you will be able to see JAM SEAFOODS predictions for our product market availability in 2022.


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